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Truck Engine Parts and Used Truck Engine Parts For Sale | Used Truck Spares

At Used Truck Spares we supply Truck Engine Parts and Used Truck Engine Parts for sale in both the UK , African and general overseas markets. From within our large truck breakers facility based in the UK. As well as Complete Truck Engines we also stock a variety of Engine Parts. Intercoolers, intercooler pumps, fuel filter housings, oil filter housings and coolers, engine wiring harnesses, cylinder heads, oil coolers, rocker covers, engine rocker shaft and pushrods. Thermostat housings, intercooler pipes, fuel filter housings, front timing covers, inlet manifolds, front inner timing covers, crankshafts, coolers, air compressors, conrod and pistons, alternators, fans, viscuss fans, header tanks.

Engine sumps, injector plugs, crankshaft dampers, drive pulleys, timing gears, power steering pumps, water pumps, flywheels, engine blocks, injector rails, fuel rails, crankshaft covers. Manifolds, crankshaft dampers, oil pumps, camshafts, fan belt tensioners, compressors, exhaust brakes, clutch assemblies, dosing pumps, blue tank and pump, inlet manifolds, crankshafts, alloy rocker covers, torque converters, alloy sumps, clutch plates, turbo chargers.

Truck Engine Parts and Used Truck Engine Parts For Sale

Onsite we stock a huge selection of used parts for the models mentioned above. Within our inventory we also stock Truck Brake Assembly Parts, Truck Cabs, And Interior Truck Cab Parts. Truck Crane Attachments, Truck Exhausts and DPF’S , Truck ECU Units, and Truck Electrical Parts. Used Truck Engines and Truck Engine Parts, Truck Gearboxes including Bellhousings and flywheels. Fuel Tanks, Fuel Pumps, Fuel Injectors. Truck Suspensions, Truck Prop-shafts and Springs. Radiators, Truck Starter Motors, Truck Alternators, Truck Steering Columns, Truck Steering Racks and assembly parts, Truck Wheels and Truck Tyres.

Used Truck Engine Parts in stock.

UTS have a strong customer sales base in both the UK and Ireland, Africa has turned into a huge export market for in demand European Trucks, as a result of this used truck spares have been shipping used commercial parts to Africa from the UK for decades.

We export used truck parts to most corners of the world. Truck importers from various African countries use our spare parts service to help keep their vehicles operational. Because of this we ship regularly to the following Countries, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Botswana and Mozambique. Walvis Bay, Myanmar, and Malawi. Kenya, Dominica, Trinidad& Tobago. Jamaica, Lesotho, Swaziland, Uganda, New Zealand, Malta and Barbados. Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Malaysia. Poland, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Romania are other countries we supply used truck parts to. If your interested in knowing more about our second hand truck parts for sale, then contact our experienced sales team.